Assistive Technology Provision in Rural India: Needs, Challenges and Opportunities

Enabling Inclusion Child Development Webinar #5

Webinar presented on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 by Marie Brien PT, MSc and Navamani Venkatachalapathy BPT, PGDT.

Webinar Outline:

Part 1 Challenges and opportunities in AT provision (Marie Brien)

  1. Understanding Assistive Technology (AT): What, Who, Why, How?
  2.  Measuring access to AT
  3.  Identifying barriers to AT
  4.  Improving the AT system
  5.  Amar Seva Sangam Study: Assistive technology in rural South India: A survey of needs, barriers, and facilitators
  6.  The WHO’s ATA Tool-kit

Part 2The Assistive Technology Program at Amar Seva Sangam (Navamani Venkatachalapathy)

  1. Rehab Professionals and Program Managers Perspectives
  2. The 5As & Q of Assistive Technology (AT)
  3. Rehab professionals addressing 5As & Q of AT
  4. Program Manager Preparation:  Suppliers, Staff capacity building, Caregivers training, AT update and innovation, AT support services, Funding opportunities.

 See the full video recording of this webinar on Enabling Inclusion’s YouTube:

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