Enabling Inclusion APP®

The Enabling Inclusion (EI) App

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  • Designed for use in an Early Intervention / Child Rehabilitation program.
  • Used by Community workers, Rehab Specialist and Program Management
  • Globally recognized, Award winning app
  • Web app available in all major languages (Indian and international)
  • Mobile version in English

Who will Benefit?

  • Real-time monitoring of all workers with GPS technology and scheduling features proven to improve program attendance rate by 50%
  • Monitoring of all workers activities, outputs and each child and families outcomes
  • Efficient deployment of workers allows NGOs to improve their impact by 4 times
  • Dashboard gives birds-eye view of program
  • Reporting features allow for complete data analysis
  • Allow for production of reports of each child for donors
  • Allows you to capture and highlight your program outputs and outcomes to your Board and funders
  • Validated assessments and evaluations allow for tracking of child outcomes and helps with intervention planning
  • Validated protocols provide evidence based therapy plans for each child using easy to understand drop down menu options
  • Connects community workers to the expertise of rehab specialists
  • Use of the app has proven to improve worker satisfaction
  • Family-centered goal setting tools in the app allows parents to set their priorities
  • Use of app has proven to reduce caregiver strain and increase their empowerment
  • Allows caregivers to learn the therapeutic interventions so that they can integrate therapy into child daily life
  • Improves peer group connection
  • Individualized therapy plans based on child’s needs
  • Covers all developmental domains
  • Covers children and youth from 0 – 24.
  • Improves their development in all domains
  • Improves their school enrolment and integration
  • Allows them to reach their true potential to enable inclusion
  • Awareness program feature of the app and model proven to improve communities knowledge, attitudes and decrease disability stigma
  • Promotes integration of children with disabilities in society.

Why This App?

  • App was designed with the input of global leading experts in early intervention, child rehab and technology including MIT, Harvard Centre on the Developing Child, University of Toronto, McGill University, CanChild, Umeed, NIPEMD and many others
  • Significant research and effort went into developing the App (with >$500,000 invested in development alone).
  • 8 years of proven track record with use by multiple organizations (NGOs and Govt) in India
  • Positive feedback from organizations using app regarding its functionality, performance and flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Customizable to your organization’s service delivery model and requirements
  • Can be used with any service delivery model (home-based, centre-based, mobile clinics, etc.)
  • Easily scalable
  • Technology and rehab help desk to support your organization – 24 hours, 7 days
  • Training and hand-holding support by Amar Seva will ensure effective deployment of the app and program
  • Continuous improvements and innovations leading to value for money.
  • Automatic upgrades at no extra cost when new versions are rolled out.
  • Dedicated to continuously improve the app through partners feedback.
  • GDPR compliance for data protection, security and privacy
  • Web platform and Mobile App platform – Off-line options – can sync when online
  • Android system
  • English (simple language and easy to use for lay workers with basic English language skills)
  • Soon to be launched in other languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu)

EI App Versions

We have 4 different EI app versions: Trail version/Free version, Basic version, Transdisciplinary version, Multidisciplinary version. Click here to know more.

EI App Modules

  • Validated tools to screen children in the community for development delays/disabilities.
  • Captures the basic demographic features of children and their parents.
  • Can use our template or customize (free).

(2.1) General Assessment

(2.2) Rehab Specialist Intake Assessments

  • Initial Rehab Specialist intake assessments with drop down menu choices.
  • Includes physiotherapy, special education, speech, functional vision & hearing assessments and autism, ADHD and specific learning disability screening tool.
Comprehensive Evaluation Tool (Transdisciplinary version):
  • WEE-FIM (Pediatric Functional Independence Measure) which covers all functional domains of development and is linked to interventions / treatment in the EI® app.
Standardized Evaluation Tools in EI app (Multi-disciplinary version EI® app):
  • Multiple Validated Development Measures covering all domains of development
  • Can add additional evaluation tools for multidisciplinary version (may require additional cost depending on requirements)
  • Drop down menu for child impairments, goal setting and specified interventions that are in simple English language and easy to follow linked to evaluations.
  • Free customization.
  • Customized video linkage available.
  • Gives management a birds eye and in-depth overview of your program.
  • Tracks all child and caregiver details, service providers, Therapy Targets and Completion, Awareness Programs and Screening.
  • Easy report creation of various queries in excel format.
  • Pre existing report templates provided.
  • Customized reporting available (in transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary versions).
  • Data generated allows for robust monitoring and evaluation and research program.
  • Individual child summary reports containing baseline information and progress in the developmental domains.
  • Basic version will only have baseline information.
  • Can be used for donor reports.
  • Track awareness and training programs and participants.
  • Pre and post-test tracking available.
  • Service providers can create their own advance tour plans and daily activities and check in and check out via GPS.
  • Allows management to track the activities of their service providers.
  • Manager Console – real-time map view of where all service providers have checked in and check out for program management to see.
  • Treatment and interventions are planned and scheduled on specific calendar days and approved by management team and this then appears on the service providers calendar in their mobile app.
  • Allows management to set targets and track the activities of their service providers.
  • COPM (Canadian Occupational Performance Measure) – help parents set therapeutic goals for their child and measures parents’ satisfaction and performance of achieving these goals.
  • MCSI (Modified Caregiver Strain Index) – measures strain / stress in caregivers of children with delayed development.
  • FES (Family Empowerment Scale) –  measures empowerment in caregivers of children with delayed development.

Please contact us for a custom quotation based on the app version and add-on modules you are interested in. 

The Future

Process flow

  1. Parent login and use of EI app.

Our EI app on Google play

You can download our EI app from Google Play Store.

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