Enabling Inclusion APP

What is it?

It is an Early Intervention / Child Rehabilitation management app providing end-to-end case management with built-in scheduling, monitoring and data for action features of planning, budgeting and executing the program. The app connects Community Rehabilitation Workers to Rehabilitation Specialists so that high quality early intervention therapy services can be provided to children and their families.

Basic Features

  1. General assessment template – follows the WHO’s International Classification of Disability and Function model covering body structure and function, activity, participation, environmental factors and personal factors.
  2. Specialized assessment templates for physiotherapists, speech trainers and special educators.
  3. Allows families to identify child strengths and set goals using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure
  4. Each rehab specialist sets goals and treatment plans through an extensive drop-down list.
  5. Community workers and families can see goals and treatments on their app and follow through on regular therapeutic activities.
  6. Tracking of child access and participation including school enrollment, government benefits, adaptive and assistive devices and need for medical and surgical consultation.


  1. GPS – Check in and Check Out function: Monitors travel and time spent providing therapy for service providers.
  2. Standardized Development Tools embedded in the app allow for tracking of the progress of each child in all domains of development (gross motor, mobility, communication, social, emotional, self-care, behavioural, cognition, participation and academic).
  3. Caregiver outcomes tracked in the app using standardized development tools including caregiver strain / stress, family empowerment and parent-child interaction.
  4. Flags created in system for poor child or family outcomes, so that management and service providers can review treatment plan.
  5. Data generated allows for robust monitoring and evaluation and research program.
  6. Dashboard features allows management team to closely monitor all aspects of the program from a micro (individual child or service provider) and a macro (program) level.
  7. Standardized Development and Caregiver Tools include:
    • GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) which measures gross motor function for children with primary motor impairments.
    • WEE-FIM (Pediatric Functional Independence Measure) which measures self-care, mobility and cognition for all children.
    • FACP (Functional Assessment Checklist for Programming) which measures personal, social, academic, occupational and recreational domains of development for children with intellectual impairments.
    • MCSI (Modified Caregiver Strain Index) which measures strain / stress in caregivers of children with delayed development.
    • FES (Family Empowerment Scale) which measures empowerment in caregivers of children with delayed development.
    • Com-DEALL(Communication Developmental Checklist) to measure receptive and expressive communication in children with language, speech or communication impairment.
    • CI (Caregiver Child Interaction) which measures interaction between caregivers and their children with delayed development.

Other Features

  1. Screening Module
  2. Awareness Module
  3. Training Module

The Future

  1. Plans for upgrading the app to cover school age children (age 6-18).
  2. Content (audio, video, text, picture) linkages for community workers and parents to assist them with therapeutic activities.
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