Awareness and Women Empowerment

Awareness Programs

The Enabling Inclusion® model and app contains 3 types of awareness programs. We have produced an awareness manual (which is available upon request) containing detailed information about each of these modules, including posters and photos.

Focused on women and girls with disabilities and mothers of children with disabilities.  This program empowers women, reduces stigma and promotes inclusion of mothers of children with disabilities and girls / women with disabilities in society. 
Focused on reducing stigma associated with child disability, enabling inclusion of children with disabilities, how to access health and rehabilitation services and understanding early intervention services.
For students and teachers focused on enabling inclusion for children with disabilities into schools and reducing stigma.

Women Empowerment

Across our Enabling Inclusion program sites throughout India, we are empowering women by training and hiring them to be community rehabilitation workers and rehab therapists to work in their own communities and support children and families with disabilities.

Currently our EI® programs have:

  • 164 women working as community rehabilitation workers out of 183 total community rehab workers.
  • 204 women working as rehab specialists out of a total of 264 rehab specialists working.
  • 33 women working as management staff out of 74 total management staff.
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