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We partner with NGOs globally to provide licensing for the EI app.
Licensing services include:
  1. Use of the EI app including initial set-up and server.
  2. Training program covering EI app, technology, rehab and Monitoring & Evaluation.
  3. Support services including tech, rehab and M&E support.
The Enabling Inclusion app and model has been launched across India, in Assam, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (partners listed below) with a variety of models including community based, centred based, mobile clinics and school based with imminent plans to go global.
If your NGO is interested in also receiving training and support to implement technology leveraged, community based child rehab program in your communities, please contact us.


Gandhigram is a non profit organization based out of Tamil Nadu, India, working towards empowering rural communities by providing access to affordable essential services in health, education and social welfare. They are launching a Community Based Program in one block of Dindigul District. They have been fully supported by ASSA, including applying for funding, recruiting and training staff and using the the Enabling Inclusion® app. We are proud to be knowledge partners working along with them at each step.

Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy,, is a beacon of hope for children with Autism, Intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. The school had a humble beginning in the year 2006 as a NGO with three children and blossomed over the years as the premier school in this region. The institution which started  with a single therapist and a helper now provides service to 224 children with sixty-five staff members from different disciplines under its wing. They will be launching a community based rehabilitation program usingapp the Enabling Inclusion® app

Ashayen spastic society  also known as Ashayen, which is a haven for diversely abled children has been serving children and young adults with disabilities in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. They will be using the basic version of the Enabling Inclusion® app with a particular focus on children with Autism. We have added a validated autism checklist to their server, so that in addition to enhance the features of the basic version.

Bethany Society is a beacon of hope, compassion, and transformation in the heart of Meghalaya, India. Established in 1981, this non-profit, secular, and registered charitable society has been tirelessly working to uplift the lives of marginalized communities, particularly persons with disabilities and the rural poor.

The Bethany Society has adopted the Enabling Inclusion® App from Amar Seva Sangam to enhance the quality of their services. By using this app, they can effectively monitor activities and track children’s progress.

Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH): A Beacon of Hope: BBH, a not-for-profit, multi-speciality healthcare organization governed by Christian Medical College, Vellore, stands tall in upholding its principles of excellence and equity. 

BBH District Disability Rehabilitation Centre: Empowering the Differently Abled – In collaboration with the Directorate of Empowerment of Senior Citizens and Differently Abled, Government of Karnataka, the District Disability Centre is transforming the lives of an estimated 60,000 differently abled individuals and their families in Bangalore’s rural district. Through a multi-sectoral approach, the centre addresses health, education, livelihoods, empowerment, and social needs. 

Baptist Hospital- Community health division team is adopting the Enabling Inclusion® app from Amar Seva Sangam to strengthen the monitoring of activities and children’s progress there by further enhancing the quality of the services.

Prakhyata Abhinand Charitable Trust (PACT), is an NGO that supports Orphaned, Abandoned, and Surrendered (OAS) children with special needs (CwSN2) through customized child-centric sensitization, capacity building, and rehabilitation programs in child care institutions (CCIs) / orphanages . These are children between 0-18 years with different forms of developmental delays, impairments, locomotor, physical, mental, learning, and social disabilities and mental illnesses.
PACT is using the Enabling Inclusion®  app to track workers, monitor children’s outcomes and provide interventions for 550 children with special needs in orphanages in Karnataka state in the following regions: Gulbarga, Dharwad, Devangere, Bellary, Mysore, Chikkaballapura, Bangalore, Bangalore Rural.

Feathers is a not-for-profit development organization with a mission and a vision of creating an inclusive society marked by equality, equity, and humaneness. FEATHERS  has launched a brand new Community-Based Early Intervention program in Thirumangalam block in the Madurai District with the support of ThoughtWorks that will enroll 250 children with disabilities. Feathers has adopted the Enabling Inclusion® app. ASSA has not just trained the staff in using the Enabling Inclusion app, but also in how to efficiently start and run a community-based program and in how to provide home-based rehab services.

Gandhigram Trust’s Avvai Ashram established in 2010 is a parent-managed facility dedicated to catering to special children’s needs. The organization has been working to ensure their vision of empowering vulnerable children, caring for them, protecting them by creating an atmosphere in the home that can restore a sense of normalcy in their lives. Avvai Ashram is using the Enabling Inclusion® app to strengthen the monitoring of activities of 53 children for whom they are providing rehabilitation and education services for.

Satya Special School was founded by a group of like-minded individuals who were keen on working with children with special needs, especially girls.
The organization has since expanded to several programs, including education, inclusion, livelihoods, training, and advocacy. Satya Special School has pioneered several innovative initiatives for the inclusion of CWSN. Satya’s strong focus on women, guided by the philosophy of “mothers as co-therapists”, has led to optimal development for Satya’s children. Satya special school is adopting the Enabling Inclusion® app to strengthen the monitoring of activities and children’s progress thereby further enhancing the
quality of the services.

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism (ASHA) charitable trust was founded in 1995 with a strong focus on providing appropriate education to children and adults with autism.  Started with 3 children in a small rented building in Malleshwaram, Bangalore in 1995, today 85 children are receiving therapies and education in the day school program.Each classroom in ASHA has a student teacher ratio of 2:1 to make learning effective. Each child is also a part of group sessions and circle time where social skills are developed. ASHA is using the Enabling Inclusion® model and App’s multidisciplinary version to reach all children in their school with evidence based monitoring, evaluations and therapy protocols.

Varshini Illam Trust (VIT), Chennai is a registered public charitable trust started in 2014 by Mr. P. N. Vasudevan, Mrs. Choodamani Vasudevan with the lofty idea of helping the underprivileged in society, especially children lead a wholesome life through multiple level interventions. They have been trained by Amar Seva Sangam and are using the Enabling Inclusion® model and app in Chennai, Thiruvallur, Kancheepuram and Chengalput to reach 300 children via mobile clinics.

Shishu Sarothi is a leading non-profit organisation in Guwahati – Assam, India which is established in 1987, works in the area of early intervention, rehabilitation, education, livelihoods, advocacy and awareness as well as protection of rights and legal aid for children and persons with disabilities in North East India. Sishu Saroti is using the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in their Centre-based programs in Kamrup Metro (at Sishu Saroti campus and Composite Regional Centre for Persons with Disabilities), Goalpara (at Shishu Bikash Kendra), Golaghat (at District Early Intervention Centre and   pediatric ICU in the Civil Hospital) and Dibrugarh (at Assam Medical College), and will enroll up to 500 children in their pediatric rehab program.

G V School, located in Chidambaram is a charitable institution offering free education and vocational skills training for children with special needs. The school has two divisions supporting mentally challenged and hearing impaired children. GV school with support from Redington Foundation is implementing home based early intervention using the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu with 100 pre-school children using a mobile van and clinic model.

Shine Educational Trust was founded in the year 2003 was started by 3 parents of children with Intellectual disabilities with the vision to provide special kids the joy of schooling and childhood and the mission to provide moral education, enhance their learning and occupational skills and thus succeed in making them independent members of this society. This school serves children with Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Autism, etc. Shine school recently started the outreach program for young children in rural areas – with the support of Redington Foundation in 3 blocks of Madurai District. To enhance this service, Shine special school is adopting the Enabling Inclusion® model and App’s transdisciplinary version to reach 50 children through mobile van based clinics.

Sristi village Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in rural Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India that works towards improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They  use a combination of education, life skills training, and agriculture to help people who are faced with exclusion, neglect, and many other disadvantages that limit their effective participation in mainstream society. Sristi Village has been trained by Amar Seva in launching the home based Enabling Inclusion® app model. They are working with 100 children in one block in Villupuram District, Tamilnadu.

Udbhaas Child Development which is a unit of Namritam aims to provide diagnostic and interventional services to children with difficulties in physical, mental or language development and learning & behavioural problems, through an inter-disciplinary approach, surpassing the socio-economic barrier. Udbhaas is implementing home based early intervention using the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in the Purulia District of West Bengal with 100 pre-school children with disabilities.

KIRAN Society is a non-profit, non-political organization working in an inclusive way for the holistic development of children and persons with and without disabilities, and from marginalized sections of the society. KIRAN is implementing home based early intervention using the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in the Varanasi and Mirzapur Districts of Uttar Pradesh with 100 pre-school children with disabilities.


Amar Seva has partnered with University of Gondar, Light for the World and World Vision to implement the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in Amhara Region / State in Ethiopia. 

University of Gondar is the oldest medical university in Ethiopia started as a medical college in 1954. In 2004, University of Gondar started a Community based rehabilitation program for children and adults with disabilities.

Light for the World is a global development organisation and in Ethiopia is one of the key players in eye health, disability inclusion, economic empowerment, and inclusive education.

World Vision is one of the largest child focused NGOs in the world and in Ethiopia work with governmental and non-governmental actors in an effort to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable children and their families.

All 3 of these organizations will work together to implement the Enabling Inclusion® app and model in in Amhara Region / State in Ethiopia, through community based rehab workers, rehabilitation specialists, program managers and IT professionals, with full support as Amar Seva.

Amar Seva has completely customized the EI app to their needs and trained our Ethiopia partners to implement this model. Thousands of children will be screened for disabilities in the region using the EI app and 300 children with disabilities will be enrolled in the home / community based  program. The app will facilitate rehab, medical and social services for these children.


Launched Enabling Inclusion Model and App - Feb 2021

Launched Enabling Inclusion Model and App - September 2021

Launched Enabling Inclusion Model and App - 2022

Launched Enabling Inclusion Model and App - 2023

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