Request for quotation & Proposal

We are welcoming quotation & Proposal for our following software projects. For more details contact us at

NoProjectPurposeProject Completion Year
1Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.2Pathway to document Assistive Devices needs and usage 2022-23
2Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.3Adding multiple languages2022-23
3Parents group management moduleSocial Empowerment component 2022-23
4Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.4Customizable process flow EI app2023-24
5Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.5Algorithm to capture observation, deviation and outliers2023-24
6COE training portalEI Training portal2023-24
7Parents group management moduleParents group finance management module2023-24
8Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.6Leaderboard2024-25
9Software development M VBR -EI Vr 4.7Parent login2024-25
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