Frequently asked questions

The EI App

The EI app can be used by the rehab workers on your team which could include rehab specialists / therapists (ie,  physiotherapists, OTs, special educators, speech therapists, psychologists, social workers), community workers, field team leaders and management.
To conduct general assessments, follow the individualized early intervention plans set out by rehab specialists, support parents and track progress of children.
To conduct specialized assessments, developmental evaluations and for intervention planning for community workers, parents or specialists themselves and for tracking outcomes and goal achievement.
To plan and set out  schedules for all aspects of the program which could include screening, therapy / intervention, awareness, training, medical camps, assistive device camps or any other activities your program has. These schedules are then individualized for each rehab staff with set targets.
The EI app allows tracking, monitoring and evaluation of all service providers and service users (children and their parents).

To monitor all aspects of the program through the dashboard and report generation features. This allows for a rich collection of data for research and to drive program changes at the level of the individual child and family and at the level of the entire program.

Currently, the EI app cannot be used by parents. We plan on upgrading the app with a parent log-in and parent-facing resources in the future.

The EI app covers ages 0-23 years.

Yes, the EI app is available in Google Play Store as a test version. You should sign a Non Disclosure Agreement for getting user ID and password. To actually use the EI app, a licensing agreement with ASSA needs to be signed.

Yes, the mobile app will work offline and the data captured will be synced to the server whenever there is connectivity.
The mobile app requires at least Android version 4 and above. The cloud application can be used in Mozilla and Google Chrome browsers.

We can provide a server (for which there will be an additional yearly charge) or you can use your own server. We strongly recommend using a dedicated cloud based server.

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS).If you want to your own server, you can choose any cloud service provider.
Our AWS server is located in India. If you choose your own server, you can hose it anywhere.
Server configurations that are required for 2,000 Service Users / children:

Application Server      Linux Server
Dual or Quad core
RDS    MS SQL Server
10 GB Storage

Server configurations that are required for 10,000 – 20,000 Service Users:

Application Server      Linux Server
Dual or Quad core
RDS    MS SQL Server
25 GB Storage

*Ram and Storage size may need to change subject to actual size of data.
We can offer an unlimited number of user logins. However, each individual can have only  one login.

We have prepared demos of every module in the EI app. Once you sign a Non Disclosure agreement, we can share these video demo modules with you.

Yes, you may show the EI app demo video to your funders as long as they also sign a Non Disclosure agreement.
You can choose the tools, assessments, evaluations you want to use.  For example, if you do not conduct awareness programs or  perform speech assessments, you do not have to use those features.
If you want to add new or different assessments or evaluations, we can do that at an additional cost. We would need a list of additional requirements and then we can provide a quote on the cost and timeline to complete additions.
We will share a master data template that will allow you to provide us with all the details to have the EI app deployed into your organization’s context. This is included in the initial setup service which we will provide to to your organization.
Our IT support time will require access to your data in order to troubleshoot and assist with any technical issues you may face. We also require data access to track child enrollment, to monitor our per child licensing agreement and to track usage and technical issues with the EI app to facilitate regular upgrades.
However, data access will be restricted only to those in our organization who require it to provide the listed technical, monitoring and support services and won’t be used by us for any commercial, research purposes and will not be sold to any third parties. Data access and usage will be spelt out clearly in the licensing agreement.
If you are interested in using data for any joint research purposes, further agreements can be made.

Regular technical updates will be shared with you free of cost. Most upgrades we perform will also be shared with you free of cost. However, if you require specific new additions, such as new tools or evaluations that is specific to your version of the app, it may require additional funding.

The app follows Indian data security laws and requirements and also international GDPR data security standards.

Yes. For all initial assessments (service user baseline profile, general assessments and specialist assessments), you can add or remove questions as per your requirements. We can do it for you initially and we will also train you on how to do these additions and deletions. For standardized evaluation tools, questions can not be added or deleted as they are validated tools.

The EI Model

The EI model is a community based rehabilitation model that ASSA has developed that uses community rehabilitation workers to provide holistic  early intervention services to children with disabilities in their own homes,  schools and local centres. Community workers are supported by rehabilitation specialists including speech trainers / therapists, physiotherapists, special educators and consultative care by occupational therapists and psychologists by using the EI app.
CRWs in our EI model have a minimum 12th Standard education and are provided with an initial training program for 20 days to prepare them to work in the program and have refresher training every 6 months for 10 days. In addition, they are supported and further trained by rehab specialists through  joint visits to children’s homes.
Rehab specialists have a diploma or degree in their field and are also provided with an initial training program for 20 days to prepare them to work in early intervention and child rehab and have continuing professional development throughout.

25 children per CRW. 100 children per each type of specialist (PT, special educator, speech trainer). 300 – 500 children per Field Team Leader. 1 Project manager, 2 IT support persons, 1 office admin, 1 finance officer per 2000 children. This can be adjusted based on your organizations needs, funding and program approach.

Our training program will help set you up to implement the EI model of service provision and use of the EI app and we can support you further during the implementation period. We can share resources we used for our rehab staff training.

We have community workers provide early intervention services for children once per week and rehab specialists once per 1-2 month depending on the need of that child. Depending on your resources, you can choose the frequency of visits for your workers and the EI app can help you design schedules that suit your needs.
Yes. The EI app can be used in various service delivery models, including home based, centre based, mobile clinics, school based or a combination of these settings.

Interventions can be planned to be conducted in schools and set out in the EI app while scheduling. Many drop down options are included in the EI app for intervention selection within the school environment for up to age 24. In our EI program, we have extensive experience doing interventions within the school.

Yes. If government staff are involved in your program, they can be given the EI app and use it depending on their role within your program. For example, anganwadi workers / preschool teachers can do the screening using the app, govt therapists can use it for treatment planning, etc..

The children in the various EI programs are all connected to other government programs. In the general assessment section of the EI app, other medical and rehab specialists who are involved or required in the care of the child, school they are attending, access to government benefits and programs are all captured. However, there is no formal linkage of the EI app to govt databases or medical records.

Yes, you may use the EI app with only rehab specialists. The assessments, evaluations, interventions, screening, awareness modules can be assigned to any type of worker. Interventions / therapy in the EI app can be performed by rehab specialists.

Yes, you may use the EI app with only community workers. You have 2 options. One if to perform only the general assessment by the community worker and document any basic rehab interventions and any social or rights based interventions they conduct. Another option to have consultant rehab specialist conduct the assessments, evaluations and intervention planning. It can be done by consultant rehab specialists at local hospitals, health centres, schools, etc. It can be conducted in person or via tele-rehab consultations.

Different approaches can be taken:
  • Transdisciplinary approach. For example, you don’t have a speech trainer. The physiotherapist or social worker gets trained in performing  speech evaluations, assessments and interventions and they complete them. You don’t have a special educator. Your OT or psychologist completes the special educator assessments, evaluations and intervention planning.
  • You can opt out of covering certain domains of development (assessments, evaluations, interventions)  if you feel your program workers don’t have the expertise in that area.
Under Advance Tour Plan (ATP) in the app – you can create any “activity”.
The activities and their objectives are currently pre-populated with many options. Your organization can give us a master list of activities and their objectives that you want to capture for different types of workers, such as social workers,  psychologists or any type of specialists. This revised list will then be deployed for use into your version of the EI app.
In addition, different types of rehab workers can complete any assessments, evaluations or feedback forms that you think are appropriate for them to do – including child and family information, general assessment, parent feedback forms, parent strain and empowerment evaluations, etc.
Yes, many assessment, evaluations and intervention services can be performed remotely through video conferencing or phone calls. All these tele-rehab services can be tracked through the EI app. We have acquired experience with this during the COVID-19 pandemic and can share our insights.  We will also share the list of assessments and evaluations in the EI app that can be completed by phone call, video conferencing and which need in person assessments.

Yes. We have and can train organization on how to launch early intervention and child rehab programs and support you during implementation, even if you choose not to license and use the EI(R) app.

Yes, We have and can train organization on any particular aspects or modules of our Enabling Inclusion model,  even if you choose not license and use the EI(R) app.


You must sign a contract / agreement with Amar Seva and we will provide training on how to launch the app and use it within your program.

There is an initial one time cost to set up and deploy the app in your sever and training cost, yearly sever cost (if you want us to host server) and a per child licensing cost. Please contact us for a quote.

There is no minimum number of children, but we will charge for a minimum of 100 children. There is no maximum number of children. We have programs with >2000 children enrolled. 

We have or will obtain permissions for you to use all third party tools in the EI app.
Only the Wee-FIM (Functional Independence Measure)  has an additional cost for your organization to license and use.
Minimum licensing period is for 2 years.
Payment for training will be due 1 month prior to training program. Payment for initial set up and licensing will be due 1 month prior to program start date and licensing fees should cover 1 year.
Please contact us directly as there may be special offers at different time periods.
Yes. We have a set-up and licensing fee structure for this model. Please contact us for details.
We will have access to your dashboard for tracking the number of children enrolled, users, etc. We may request periodic reports or feedback in order to improve our product and services.
We are a non-profit organization and fees are designed on a cost recovery model. Fees cover:
  • Software Setup
  • Domain creation
  • Application Set-up, Configuration and Deployment
  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for software
  • Application server space and data server space
  • Usage of App – Unlimited users
  • Quality Management support
  • Post onboarding support for processes & procedures, scales, tools, modules and service provider training
  • Tech support: Application Help Desk for all levels (L1,L2, L3) of tech support
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Licensing fees for 3rd party scales within the EI app


Once you sign an MOU with us and pay the training fee, we will provide your team with a comprehensive training program.

We have a standard  7 – 10 day in-person  training program or 14 day online training program to onboard your organization for use of the app. Training can be adjusted to the needs of your organization.

We can provide training either online or in person or a combination.

We can use a Train-the-Trainer model, whereby we train your IT team, rehab project leads and management who can then directly train your rehab and IT staff or we can   directly train  your rehab staff and community workers.

The training will prepare you to deploy the EI app in your organization, by fully understanding all its features, tools including monitoring, dashboards, assessments, evaluations, etc. so that you can then train your rehab staff and IT staff will be comfortable with its use.
The training covers rehab topics as it relates to use of the EI app such as how to perform certain standardized evaluations, assessments, etc.
If direct training of your staff in rehab topics is needed, we can arrange that as a separate training for an added cost.

We will provide 5 EI app manuals – (1) EI mobile app, (2) EI web app, (3) Report generation and (4) Dashboard app and (5) Master Data manual. In addition, we will provide rehab manuals for your rehab staff. We have video modules covering both app and rehab topics that we can share with you as a reference.

Following onboarding training, we will offer monthly EI app and rehab online support sessions until you are fully comfortable with the process. We will also do a site visit after 4-5 months to assess the program and provide guidance and further support. Cost of travel should be covered by your NGO, but the training will be included in our licensing fees.


We will train your IT staff to handle basic level of tech support, called L0 level.

We have a help desk who will receive all tech support inquiries and we are set-up to handle tech support at all levels (L1,L2,L3,L4). We will respond within 24 hours and most issues will be solved immediately or within a few days. 

After initial training, we will provide monthly online support sessions. We will also analyze the use of your app and provide feedback and guidance. In addition, we will plan. a site visit after 4-5 months to assess the program and provide guidance and further support. Cost of travel should b covered by your NGO, but the training will be included in our licensing fees.

As long as we are in a licensing /  partnership agreement, we will provide support. We will also share our experience with training, implementation, logistics,  monitoring and evaluation, research, government and private sector partnership development, fundraising and advocacy. If you require direct assistance in any of these areas, we can create a secondary partnership agreement that goes beyond the licensing agreement.

We can provide you with guidance and connection for funding. However, the expectation is that you will license the EI app after securing adequate funding to operationalize your program.
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