Capacity Building and Training Programs

For Government Health Workers

We provide training for health, education and Anganwadi workers in identifying children with delayed development, providing early intervention therapy services and integrating children into the schools and classrooms. These training occur through partnerships with the government Health, Education and Disability Dept. 

For NGO workers

We conduct training programs for other NGOs in the Enabling Inclusion® model and app use and also in general rehab, awareness and advocacy topics. We have provided capacity building on provision of home based EI therapy, hands-on therapy modules, ICF model, family centered services, standardized development tools and focused training on speech therapy, physiotherapy and special education.

Our team provides capacity building workshops to early childhood development and rehab service providers globally, both online and in person. Topics have included: The Transdisciplinary Approach to Successful Early Intervention, Family-Centered Care, Strategies for networking and advocacy with Government, The ICF and the “F” words- A Participatory Approach for Child Development, The Coaching Approach- Empowering Caregivers to Promote their Child’s Development, Assistive Technology Provision in Rural India: Needs, Challenges and Opportunities and the The Environment-Based Intervention Approach to promote Inclusion at home, school and community. We conducted an international conference on early intervention with 2 pre-conference workshops and multiple break out and plenary sessions.


Trained 16688 workers

  • Health Professionals (physicians, nurses, rehab therapists, etc.) – 3506
  • Community Workers (CRWs, community health workers, etc.) – 5626
  • Early Childhood Educators (Anganwadi workers, teachers, etc.) – 6801
  • Others (Project management, IT professionals, etc.) – 755
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