What is Early Intervention

“If children with developmental delays are not provided with appropriate early intervention, their difficulties can lead to lifetime consequences, increased poverty and profound exclusion” – WHO, 2012.

Early Intervention has a significant impact for children who have delayed development in physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory, behavioral, social and communication domains of development. With quality early intervention services children can reach their potential, live a meaningful life and integrate into their communities.


Amar Seva Sangam has provided home-based Early Intervention for children with developmental delays over the past 5 years assisted by a real-time mobile technology platform called the EI App – Enabling Inclusion App. This has led to significant improvements in motor, cognitive, speech, functional and social development outcomes for children, as well as increased school enrollment, increased family empowerment, improved parent-child interaction and reduced strain on caregivers.

Our Bold initiative

The Early Intervention project was started with the bold idea, that community rehabilitation workers can provide early intervention therapy to children under the age 6 at their door steps.

We believed that this goal could be achieved by using modern tablet technology to connect Community Rehabilitation Workers with the rehabilitation specialists like physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists/trainers, special educators.

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