Parents Empowerment

Parents Empowerment

  • Family centered services
  • Strengths-based approach whereby families identify child strengths and their needs
  • Families set goals using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure.
  •   Counselling services by psychologists for parents.
  • Small groups with parents of 8-10 children with disabilities are formed. 
  • Parent leaders are elected and monthly group meeting held
  • Allow parents to share, interact and form social support networks.
  • Connection to self help groups for livelihood initiatives
  • Group advocacy and feedback to NGOs, school, local and state governments
  • Parent Whatsapp groups formed and sharing modules on WHO’s ICF model focused on parent empowerment (give hyperlink to whats app blog) 
  • Larger parent events held twice per year.

Parents Empowerment Groups

Samagra Shiksha Parent Training

  • Samagra Shiksha is a government initiative to promote inclusion of children with disabilities. Through a partnership with Samagra Shiksha, Amar Seva provides online training for parents of children with disabilities through local smart classrooms across various districts of Tamil Nadu.

    Training content includes:

    1. Importance and planning of early intervention for children with developmental delay
    2. ICF, functioning and participation
    3. General intervention strategies for various conditions
    4. Importance of Assistive devices
    5. Self care training and its significance
    6. Importance of parents self-care
  • Family Empowerment
  • Caregiver Strain
  • Parent – Child Interaction
  • Program Evaluation and Feedback
  • This allows for parents voices and issues to be heard

Use of the Tirunelveli Early Intervention Caregiver Assessment Tool in the EI® app which measures

Parent Empowerment Research

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