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Community Based Rehab (CBR) Training for Rehab Staff of Urban and Rural NGOs - Sristi Foundation

Amar Seva Sangam has been supporting other NGOs throughout India to enhance their existing early intervention, child and youth rehab programs through the Enabling Inclusion software solution and through training and support.

20 NGOs have licensed the Enabling Inclusion app and we provide them with technology, training and support.

In addition, we support other NGOs with training even if they are not deploying the Enabling Inclusion app. 

Topics included:

  • (1) Assessments and Goal Setting
  • (2) Developing Literacy / Cognitive / Speech Skills in the community setting
  • (3) Developing Mobility / Motor skills in the community setting
  • (4)  21 disability conditions
  • (5) Screening
  • (6) WHO’s ICF
  • (7) Assistive Technology
  • (8) Awareness Programs,  and many more topics.

Sristi Foundation is a non-profit organization based in rural Tamil Nadu, India that works towards improving the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A combination of education, life skills training, and agriculture is used to help people who are faced with exclusion, neglect, and many other disadvantages that limit their effective participation in mainstream society.


An inclusive society where all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are respected, valued, and have choices to lead a holistic and dignified life. We believe in an inclusive and eco-responsible world, where everyone is given the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of disability, race, gender, etc.


Enable persons with disabilities and other marginalized groups to live as independently and as fully as possible through economic and social empowerment.


Sristi Foundation has created an inclusive and holistic environment called Sristi Village. Sristi Foundation runs three (3) pioneer projects: Sristi Village, Sristi Special School, and Sristi Farm Academy as well as a lot of community support and environmental projects.

Through these projects, marginalized individuals are given the opportunity to learn, grow, and become independent whilst being provided with nutritious food, shelter, and a loving & supportive environment.

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