Partnering for a Brighter Future: Amar Seva Sangam and RARE Collaboration

The Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE) is a Non-Profit, Non-Political and Secular NGO working with multidimensional activities for the development and protection of rights of people, has come into existence in the year 1993-94.


Socio-Economic empowerment of the people in rural area with the specific objective to enrich the quality of life of the rural citizens through research action, reorganization and reorientation of their social system


Building up the capacity of the people belonging to the backward and underprivileged section of the society to make theme able to contribute to the process of development


1) Empowerment & Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

2) Protection of Child Rights and Relevant Primary Education

3) Empowerment of Women and Adolescent Girls

4) Health & Nutrition

5) Panchayati Raj, Peoples Planning and Good governance

6) Migration management

7) Livelihood and Natural Resource Management

8) Climate Change and adaptation including Emergency Response & Disaster Preparedness

9) Consumer Protection

10) Human Rights Protection and Promotion

11) Survey, Study & Research


RARE is expanding their work with Persons with Disabilities by running Day care and therapy centres for children with disabilities with the support of National Trust Schemes as well as State Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disability department, Govt of Odissa.  Currently they are reaching about 139 children with disabilities.

Also, the community-based rehabilitation program is being launched in 5 blocks (Sonepur, Ullunda, Birmaharaj and Binka blocks of Sonepur district and Kantamal block  in Boudh district) with the support of Azim Premji Foundation from April, 2024. They are targeting to reach 750 Persons with Disabilities.

To strengthen their staff capacity, RARE had requested Amar Seva Sangam to organize appropriate training for them. After carefully examined their need, a 11-day online training and 6 days in person training was organized in the month of June- July, 2024. 15 people including physiotherapists, special educators, community rehab workers, psychologist and the program administrators participated in this training. It has enhanced the staff skills significantly and helped strengthen their CBR programs.

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