Summer School – Global considerations of Disability for Rehabilitation providers

McGill Summer institute in Global health had organized a 3 days online course along with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education on “Global Considerations of Disability for Rehabilitation Providers” on 23, 24, 25th May 2023.

Each day of the course involved presentations from a different group, 2 NGOs, and 1 university, in which they shared their experience in working with a disability.

Amar Seva Sangam presented their work on the second day – 24th May 2023 with the heading: Realizing Child Disability Rights.

The topic Discussed were

  1. Need of CBR Program and Enabling Inclusion Program Model was presented by Navamani Venkatachalapathy, Lead- Implementation of Enabling Inclusion Program, Amar Seva Sangam.
  2. Enabling Inclusion App was presented by Vasanthi Aurumugasamy, Assistant Coordinator for Enabling Inclusion Program, Tenkasi district, Amar Seva Sangam.
  3. Provision of Paediatric Assistive Technology in the EI program was presented by Marie Brien, Associate Director or Research and Capacity building of Centre of Excellence, Amar Seva Sangam.
  4. Research in Enabling Inclusion program presented by Franzina Coutinho, Director or Research Centre of Excellence, Amar Seva Sangam.
  5. System change: practical Approaches to advocate for rights of children with disabilities presented by S. Sankara Raman, Promotor, Co -chairman and Secretary of Amar Seva Sangam.

It was a 4-hour presentation starting from 8.00 am to 12.00 PM EDT. 19 participants from 7 countries participated in these 3 days online course. Amar Seva Sangam’s experience in disability rehabilitation and realizing childhood rights was well received by the participants.

The other presenters in the 3 day online course are

Day 1 -” Advocating for disability policy and Disability Rights Watch” -Presented by Disability Rights Watch in Zambia, by Wamundila Waliuya and Bruce Chooma.

Day 3.Socio-Occupational Forum – working with communities to enable occupational opportunities Professors Ricardo Correia & Bia Takeiti, Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine and Postgraduate Program in Psychosociology of Community and Social Ecology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

The course was supported by the Global Health Rehabilitation Initiative at McGill University and the Physiotherapy Department of the Manipal College of Health Professions.

Participants came from across the globe with 11 universities, 5 government and non-government organizations and 3 health care organizations represented, with 19 participants.

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