Visit to our NGO partner – UDBHASS, Purulia – West Bengal

The Udbhaas Child Development Centre is located in Purulia, West Bengal, and is part of the Nanritam. With the help of a team of developmental professionals, they have been offering rehabilitation treatments to differently abled children since 2008.

In 2021, they launched a home-based early intervention programme in two blocks at Purulia district, West Bengal, with the assistance of Amar Seva Sangam and the Redington Foundation. They have a professional team that includes a developmental paediatrician, physiotherapist, special educators, and speech trained. They recruited 5 community rehabilitation workers (CRWs_ in those two blocks and provided them with basic rehabilitation and special education training.

To enhance their rehab services and guarantee the delivery of services at the grassroots level, Redington and Udbhaas obtained a license for the Enabling Inclusion® App from the Amar Seva Sangam from April 2021. Dr. Dinesh Krishna and Mr. Celinkumar from Amar Seva Sangam visited Udbhaas on February 19th, 2023, and provided extra support with the use of the Enabling Inclusion® app while also paying visits to their clinical and home-based activities. They visited two disabled children in their house, where the homes were generally built of mud and the families were from very low socioeconomic background.

Udbhaas has identified 139 children with disabilities from these 2 blocks and the developmental pediatrician and rehab therapists provide consultation during twice monthly visits to their Purulia clinic. During these consultations, they do child developmental evaluations in the app and also enter the intervention plan in the EI app. The CRWs do weekly visits for each of the 25 children under their care and follow the plan set out in the app and check in and check out so that daily therapy work can be captured.

Feedback that the ASSA team received was that the app was an excellent tool for the doctor, rehab therapists and the CRWs to help guide and track their community based rehab work.

As a result of the visit from the Amar Seva’s team and discussions that ensued, the EI® app will be further customized including adding a medical assessment for the pediatrician to fill out and further reports were customized to strength Ubdhaas’ monitoring, evaluation and learning system.

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