We have continued our early intervention and child rehab services without any stoppage during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns by utlizing tele-rehab. 

Tele-rehabilitation or e-rehabilitation is the delivery of rehabilitation services over telecommunication networks and the internet. Tele rehabilitation allows patients to interact with providers remotely and can be used both to assess patients and to deliver therapy.

During lockdowns due to Covid 19 second wave, Amar Seva Sangam’s Enabling Inclusion team is carrying out Tele rehabilitation for children with developmental delay in 31 blocks of 3 district (Tenkasi, Tuticorin & Tirunelveli) in Tamil Nadu, covering around 2282 children.

Both phone calls and video call methods are being used to communicate the caregivers and teach them to do necessary therapy for their children.

The Enabling Inclusion app allows organizations to seamlessly transition to tele-rehab services, with its scheduling, therapy planning and monitoring and evaluation features.

During the COVID-19 first and second wave in India

(1) 94% of our active service users have been reached through tele-rehab.

(2) 19% of tele-rehab service visits occur via video conferencing.

(3) 81% of tele-rehab service visits occur through phone calls.

(4) 2939 children and families reached.

(5) 31,870 phone calls and 10,400 video calls were made  during the first wave in total including video calls

(6) 24,189 phone calls  and 4,944 video calls were made during the second wave.
(7) 17,177 phone calls and 1921 video calls were made during the 3rd wave.


  1. Continuity of rehab and child development services without interruption.
  2. Strengthening of therapeutic relationships between service providers, children & family.
  3. Reaching isolated families during the lockdowns.
  4. Providing regular therapy support in addition to COVID-19 advice and support.
  5. Improved child interaction with caregivers.
  6. Increased number of therapy visits.
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