Tamil Nadu Department of Education Partnership

Amar Seva’s Centre of Excellence for Rehabilitation and Development of Children with Disabilities is excited to announce that we have partnered and signed a MOU with Tamil Nadu Govt’s Dept of Education with the goal of promoting greater inclusive education for children of all abilities.

Samagra Shiksha (SS) is the Indian central government program to promote education of all children (including minorities, socially disadvantaged and children with disabilities) and in the state of Tamil Nadu, operated by the Tamil Nadu Education Dept. As part of our agreement, SS workers in Tenkasi district will integrate the use of our Enabling Inclusion® app as part of their regular child rehab and education services, as a pilot project. This includes their work in two early intervention centres, 10 block resource centres, across 452 government schools and 561 government aided schools and their home based programs. The program has just begun and we are projected to impact 1440 new children and 4000 caregivers over the next year.

The SS program will be using the latest version of our Enabling Inclusion® app– the transdisciplinary version, which allows their special educators and physiotherapists to cross disciplinary boundaries to create a holistic approach to child rehab and early intervention.

Training was conducted in early Nov 2022 by Amar Seva for 50 SS staff (special educators and physiotherapists) and the District and Inclusive Education Coordinators. By introducing the EI® App and model to Tenkasi district Samagra Shiksha program, we aim to promote a family centered approach, improve family engagement, child development and child school integration. The goal is to use this pilot in one district as a model program for learnings that can be scaled up to 37 other districts in the state.

As part of our MOU with the Dept. of Education, Amar Seva has agreed to be a knowledge partner in the Dept of Education’s inclusive education strategy, via participation in their project management unit (PMU). This PMU is tasked with creating an inclusive education app and a system to scale early intervention, child rehab and integrated inclusive education services to children with disabilities across the state of Tamil Nadu. ASSA will use both our pilot in Tenkasi district with the Dept of Education, as well as learnings from our other scale-up programs to co-create this solution as knowledge partners with the Tamil Nadu Dept of Education.

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