Partnership with Manipal Academy

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and Amar Seva Sangam, Ayikudi, TN (ASSA) signed an MOU in September this year solidifying the relationship between the two institutes. We are following the approach to solving challenges in rehabilitation that says “Two heads are better than one.”

The main purpose of this collaboration is to establish a mutually beneficial formal partnership between the MAHE and ASSA. The aim is to build a strong relationship, for the benefit of their students, clients, professional staff and faculty members, in terms of teaching, research and clinical experience for both organisations.  Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving performance outcomes and this collaboration has the bones for promoting just that.

The partnership has a three-pronged foundation of focus:

1.Establishment of new research collaborations.

2.Exchange of students and faculty.

3.Knowledge exchange between organisations.

We at ASSA and MAHE look forward to a fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationship between the two organisations.

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