Parents WhatsApp Group

A good way to connect parents, promote peer mentorship and disseminate information is through whats app group. We had conducted a study to understand the feasibility of using social media WhatsApp groups to connect parents of children with disabilities. We found that 21% of parents in our program joined the WhatsApp group and it is a feasible method to connect parents for peer support and learning. See the study findings here – group feasibility.pdf

We launched WhatsApp groups more extensively across our programs.

Objectives of the WhatsApp group for parents:

✔   To connect parents of children with disabilities with similar concerns.

✔   To share rehab information and early intervention therapy methods with parents.

✔   To encourage parents to share their experience in helping their own children develop and integrating therapy into their daily lives.

✔   To encourage parent to parent support.

Expected results

✔   Parents have a common cause support group.

✔   Parents have their concerns addressed.

✔   Parents have better understanding of child development and disability and process of development and rehabilitation for their children.

No of parents covered:

✔   265 parents directly.

✔   100 parents that do not have smart phone through pairings of parents.

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