Empowering Inclusion: A Knowledge Sharing Session by Amar Seva Sangam

On the 27th of January, Amar Seva Sangam hosted a virtual knowledge sharing session that brought together a diverse group of organizations committed to supporting children with disabilities. This event served as a platform for these organizations to share their unique programs, discuss their work, and highlight the impact of the Enabling Inclusion (EI) app in their initiatives.

The participating organizations, who are all partners of Amar Seva Sangam and current or future users of the EI app, included:

  1. Varshini Illam Trust, Chennai
  2. Satya Special School, Pondichery
  3. Shishu Sarothi, Assam
  4. Shine Special School, Madurai
  5. GV Special School, Chidambaram
  6. Feathers School, Madurai
  7. Avvai Ashram, Tirunelveli
  8. ASHA Special School, Bangalore
  9. PACT India, Bangalore
  10. Baptist Hospital, Bangalore
  11. Bethany Society, Meghalaya
  12. Amar Seva Sangam, Tenkasi

Each organization presented an overview of their work, the uniqueness of their programs, and how the EI app has been instrumental in their efforts to empower children with disabilities. The session was a testament to the collective commitment of these organizations to foster an inclusive society.

Please see the recording of the session here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsLM4F2fOFk&t=2s

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