EI app training for Shishu Sarothi, Assam

Enabling Inclusion App (EI APP) that is prepared by Amar Seva Sangam has been licensed by Shishu Sarothi –an NGO in Guwahati. Their Early Intervention program is reaching about 700 children with disabilities with 4 outreach centres in different districts of Assam.

Amar Seva Sangam technical team has made a 4 days visit to Shishu Sarothi on 13th June, 2022 for a refresher training on EI APP features that will support the following:
• Documentation of Children getting services from various centres
• Therapy compliance
• Rehab Assessment and evaluation
• Tracking progress of children
• Parents feedback

9 rehab professionals and 2 managers that are using the app attended the training. Their concerns like using the app between therapy visits of children, entering parents’ feedback, assessment and evaluation were addressed; APP content were also reviewed by senior special educators and deputy director EI Program.

Based on EI program structure of Shishu Sarothi and users request customization of certain features in EI App were done for effective utilization.

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