EI APP On boarding NGO Bethany Society Training

Bethany Society: Empowering Lives, Creating Opportunities

Bethany Society is a beacon of hope, compassion, and transformation in the heart of Meghalaya, India. Established in 1981, this non-profit, secular, and registered charitable society has been tirelessly working to uplift the lives of marginalized communities, particularly persons with disabilities and the rural poor.

Enabling Inclusion® App: 

The Bethany Society has adopted the Enabling Inclusion® App from Amar Seva Sangam to enhance the quality of their services. By using this app, they can effectively monitor activities and track children’s progress. The training for Bethany Society staff members on how to use the app was organized from February 19th to 22nd at Bethany Society, Shillong. A total of 32 staff members participated in this training, including a secretary, an early intervention coordinator, a school program principal, psychologists, physiotherapists, special educators, sign language interpreters, field workers, administrators, and an orientation and mobility instructor.

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