Enabling Inclusion App has gone Global

Amar Seva has partnered with 3 organizations in Ethiopia to bring a fully customized version of the Enabling Inclusion® app and model to Africa. 

University of Gondar (UofG) is the oldest medical university in Ethiopia started as a medical college in 1954. In 2004, University of Gondar started a Community based rehabilitation (CBR) program for children and adults with disabilities.

Light for the World (LFTW) is a global development organisation and in Ethiopia is one of the key players in eye health, disability inclusion, economic empowerment, and inclusive education.

World Vision (WV)  is one of the largest child focused NGOs in the world and in Ethiopia works with governmental and non-governmental actors in an effort to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable children and their families.

University Of Gondar has launched a community disability rehabilitation program in 10 Kebeles (Blocks)  in the Gondar Region of Amhara District for children with disabilities with the help of Amar Seva Global Association. They are deploying their rehab therapists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and program coordinators.  World Vision Ethiopia and Light For the World Ethiopia are supporting the implementation of the disability program by providing community based rehab volunteers, funding and supporting various components of this program.

These three partners have licensed the Enabling Inclusion® App from Amar Seva Global for their CBR program to strengthen the rehab processes, monitoring of activities and  children’s progress thereby further enhancing the quality of the services.  Training for UOG, WV, LFTW staff to use the App was given from 7th feb to 9th feb, 2023 at University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Training given by Ms.Navamani and  Mr. Anub Reuel.  6 Management,  7 Rehab professionals, 4 Project leaders, 10 CBR Volunteers staff  attended these 3 days in person training.

Prior to this training, 3 months of online meetings allowed us to train their management and fully customize and contextualize the Enabling Inclusion® App to their local context and meet all their requirements. They will be using the transdisciplinary version of the app and we have prepared resource materials including manuals and videos on rehab, monitoring and reporting and technology aspects for the team in Ethiopia.

The program will reach 300 children with disabilities.

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