In the year 2010, a significant initiative was launched in Kadayam village: the establishment of four specialized centers as part of a comprehensive community-based rehabilitation program led by the Gandhigram Foundation. One of these centres gradually evolved into a parent-managed facility dedicated to catering to special children’s needs. It found its home within the Avai Ashram campus, operating under the guidance and oversight of Ayikudi Amar Seva Sangam.

As of the present day, the Gandhigram Dr. Sondram center has undergone significant transformations and currently functions as a specialized school designed to serve the children with intellectual impairments – Avvai Ashram. Currently, this institution provides education and care for 53 children, with 36 males and 18 females, who are actively enrolled in its programs.

The school employs a comprehensive approach to cater to the diverse needs and capabilities of its students, offering specialized training in five distinct classroom categories. These categories include early intervention, pre-primary education, primary education, pre-vocational training, and vocational skills development. In essence, the school focuses on nurturing the potential of each student, tailoring their education to align with their unique abilities and requirements, all in an effort to provide them with the best possible opportunities for personal growth and development.

Enabling Inclusion® App: 

Avvai Ashram is adopting the Enabling Inclusion® App from Amar Seva Sangam to strengthen the monitoring of activities and children’s progress there by further enhancing the quality of the services.  Training for Avvai Ashram staff to use the App was given from 16th,17th,23rd,24rth September 2023. A Total of 10 staff from Avvai Ashram including 1 Physiotherapist,7 special educators, 2 Assistant teacher were participated in the training.

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