Amar Seva Published Again – Recent Publication shows how Technology can improve accessibility to Rehab Services in India

A Recent Peer-Reviewed Study Published in Societal Impacts details how technology can improve accessibility to Rehab Services in India. 
The paper describes  Enabling Inclusion technology solution and how organizations can leverage it to reach children with disabilities.
Children with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries face many challenges and lack adequate services, including access to rehabilitation professionals. To address this lack of access, Amar Seva Sangam Ayikudy (ASSA), an NGO in India, designed a technology-leveraged rehabilitation solution called Enabling Inclusion® (EI®) which allows organizations to run efficient, effective and evidence-based child rehab programs.
ASSA first implemented the solution in one state (Tamil Nadu, India) and it is now being used by 18 NGOs in 7 states, by 3 state government departments and in 2 countries, and has positively impacted nearly 10,000 children with disabilities.
This paper describes the technology in detail including:
(1) Assessments
(2) Standardized Evaluation Tools
(3) Family Centered Goal Setting
(4) Individualized Intervention Planning
(5) Calendar and GPS Tracking Module and much more. 
Finally, the paper describes the implications and social impact of a technology-based rehab solution for India and globally.
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