40th Year Celebration with Tamilnadu Governor

Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri R.N.Ravi, visited on 19.6.22

We celebrated our 40 th year Anniversary on 19th June, 2022 with our Hon’ble Governor of Tamil Nadu, Shri R.N.Ravi, Chief Guest and District Collector, Shri P. Akash, Guest of Honor, graced the occasion. It was well attended by our donors, guests, volunteers and staff. Three vital projects were inaugurated by the Hon’ble Governor. In his speech, the Hon’ble Governor stressed about greater awareness of the rights of Persons with Disabilities as enshrined in the law and take advantage of it. He had all praise for our Organization’s excellent performance – that too, headed by Shri.Ramakrishnan and Shri S. Sankara Raman. Both the speeches of the Governor and the District Collector were motivational and encouraging. They went around the campus and saw the activities.

And our Secretary Shri S. Sankara Raman presented our award winning project Enabling Inclusion programme to the Governor.

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