Discover the Impact of Our Parent Capacity-Building Intervention

We all understand the unique challenges that parents face in caring for children with developmental disabilities, particularly in low-resource settings. That’s why Amar Seva Sangam developed Parent Support Groups focused on enhancing parent empowerment, building peer support networks, promoting social inclusion, and enhancing advocacy skills.

In total 17 parent support groups were formed with parents of 10-15 children participating in each group. Parent group leaders were elected and supported by community based rehab program staff. Monthly meetings were held where various important topics were discussed.

Along with University of Toronto, Amar Seva Sangam conducted a research study on the impact of these parent groups.

Study Highlights

  • Parent-group interventions in India and other LMICs and their impact are not well documented.
  • Social inclusion increased within parent groups but not within the wider community.
  • Caregiver’s share and gain knowledge to support their children in parent groups.
  • Social inclusion within parent groups helps reduce stigma and feelings of exclusion.

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