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Amar Seva Sangam has been supporting other NGOs throughout India to enhance their existing early intervention, child and youth rehab programs through the Enabling Inclusion software solution and through training and support.

In addition, we are helping other NGOs launch brand new child rehab programs with the Enabling Inclusion model of using community rehab workers assisted by rehabilitation therapists.

One example is Gandhigram Trust, who we helped launch a brand new home based early intervention and child rehab program.

How did Amar Seva Sangam help this NGO?

  • Design: Collaboratively designing the model and program through consultation with local stakeholders and engagement of the community.
  • Funding: Assisting with applying and securing funding.
  • Recruitment: Assisting with recruiting staff for the program including community rehabilitation workers, physiotherapists, special educators and speech trainers.
  • Technology: Customizing and setting up the Enabling Inclusion software solution to run the program.
  • Training: 14 days of rehab training for the new staff and 5 days of software training.
  • Support: Around the clock rehab and technology support for the team at Gandhigram.

Gandhigram Trust: Empowering Rural Communities

  • Sustaining Lives through Education, Healthcare, and Rehabilitation

Gandhigram Trust, a non-profit organization based in Tamil Nadu, India, has been tirelessly working to enhance the socio-economic status of rural communities. Founded by two dedicated disciples and contemporaries of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. T.S. Soundaram and Dr. G. Ramachandran, the organization aims to empower villages and enable holistic development.

  • Philosophy and Vision

The idea of Gandhigram was born from Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of empowering villages. Dr. Soundaram and Dr. Ramachandran, ardent followers of Gandhi, incorporated his values into their work. Their philosophy revolves around education, healthcare, rehabilitation, and community development.

  • Education: The Sharpest Tool for Empowerment

Gandhigram Trust firmly believes that education is the sharpest tool for empowerment. They provide schooling to children in the communities they serve, ensuring access to quality education for all.

  • Healthcare: A Fundamental Right

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right. Gandhigram Trust ensures that no citizen is denied this right based on their socio-economic status. Their healthcare interventions focus on safe and secure girl children.

  • Rehabilitation and Self-Employment

The trust provides homes for neglected sections of society, enabling them to reclaim the space that rightfully belongs to them. Following Gandhian values, they nurture self-employment through village industries and extension programs. Khadi (hand-spun and handwoven fabric) is also an integral part of their mission.

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