parents empowerment

Parents Empowerment

  • Family centered services
  • Strengths-based approach whereby families identify child strengths and their needs
  • Families set goals using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure.
  • Counselling services by psychologists for parents.

Early Intervention Parent Participation Groups

  • Parent leaders are elected and monthly group meeting held
  • Allow parents to share, interact and form social support networks.
  • Connection to self help groups for livelihood initiatives
  • Group advocacy
  • Parent Whatsapp groups formed and ASSA sharing modules on WHO’s ICF model focused on parent empowerment

Parents Empowerment and Consultation Meetings

  • Meetings conducted every 6 months for parents to learn, share and give feedback on the program
  • A total of 2180 parents and family members and their children participated in the period of April 2017 to March 2020 over 6 different events.

Use of the Tirunelveli Early Intervention Caregiver Assessment Tool which measures

  • Family Empowerment
  • Caregiver Strain
  • Parent – Child Interaction  
  • Program Evaluation and Feedback

Outcomes (from 2017 – 2020)

  1. Overall 4374 caregivers were trained and supported.
  2. Family Program Engagement (number of planned visits that were completed) increased from 60% to 95%.
  3. 74% of parents had decreased Caregiver Strain.
  4. 73% of parents had improved Family Empowerment.
  5. 62% of parents had Improved Caregiver – Child Interaction.
  6. Overall, statically significant decrease in caregiver strain, increase in family empowerment and improved parent – child interaction.
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