case study - SAHANA

Sahana was born in a small town- vasudevanallur in Tenkasi district on 02nd January, 2017. When she was growing into toddler stage, her parents noticed different behavior like not attending to commands, not playing with peers, moving excessively and not having normal fear of dangerous situations. At the age of 2.5 years, her parents took her to a local doctor. He observed the child and referred her to a pediatrician in Nagercoil and there she was diagnosed with a condition called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) and the pediatrician suggested few activities. However, her parents found no improvement in her behavioral issues and did not know how to manage her condition.

Later on, at the age of 2.5 years, she was screened by ASSA’s Community Rehabilitation Worker in an Anganwadi center. With the consent of the parents, Sahana was enrolled in Enabling Inclusion program in Oct, 2019. Rehab professionals assessed her and noticed delay in speech and language development, self-care aspects and socialization. They educated the parents about the condition and prepared intervention program with them using the modules in the EI® app. Regular guidance was given to the parents and other family members on how to maximize the Sahanas development and improve her function. We focused on achieving following goals taken from family members with the use of COPM tool at the time of joining:

  • Improving her attention and engage in meaningful activity like any indoor game
  • Express her basic needs verbally
  • Able to eat independently


After 3 years of regular intervention provided by community rehab workers with the guidance of special educators and speech trianers, she now shows significant progress including age appropriate independence in self-care, attention and communication with peers and family members in single words.The chart below highlights her improvement in Special education (ADHD) scores, speech (both receptive and expressive) and functional independence as measured by the wee-FIM.

 She has just been enrolled in a mainstream school and the intervention will continue till she adjusts with the new environment.

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