case study - SABITHA

Sabitha was born in Puliyankudi town, Tenkasi district in December, 2016. She was reaching all her age appropriate milestones till the age of 15 months. Thereafter she had multiple epileptic attack followed by severe regression in motor and cognitive function.  At the age of 3 years, one of the Anganwadi teachers referred her parents to Amar Seva Sangam’s Enabling Inclusion program. 

She was enrolled in the EI program in July, 2019 and all assessments were done. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome – a progressive neurodevelopmental disorder. When she joined the EI program, she had poor head control, unable to sit, unable to communicate and not able to recognize her family members.

Our community worker and the rehab professionals visited regularly to her home and educated family members about the condition and trained and supported her parents to provide various therapies and trainings to Sabitha.  Her mother worked in a very dedicated manner to improve Sabitha’s development and function.

We had discussed with parents using COPM (Canadian Occupational Performance Measure) and identified the following goals.

  • Indicate toileting needs
  • Express hunger and cooperates for feeding
  • Supervised outdoor mobility with or without mobility aids

In the last 3 years, with the supports the EI® program has given her, she has achieved the following skills:

  • Able to walk independently inside the home.
  • Indicates toilet needs by making sounds
  • Cooperation for feeding has improved

Below the EI® charts her progress with gross motor development (GMFM) and cognitive and social (FACP) function.

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