For Government Health Workers

We provide training for health, education and Anganwadi (Integrated Child Development Scheme) workers in identifying children with delayed development, providing early intervention therapy services and integrating children into the schools and classrooms.

For NGO workers

We conduct training programs by a team of specialist trainers and international experts and include training on provision of home based EI therapy, hands-on therapy modules, ICF model, family centered services, standardized development tools and focused training on speech therapy, physiotherapy and special education.


Trained 9251 workers

  • Health Professionals (physicians, nurses, rehab therapists, etc.) – 2051
  • Community Workers (CRWs, community health workers, etc.) – 3844
  • Early Childhood Educators (Anganwadi workers, teachers, etc.) – 3318
  • Others (Project management, IT professionals, etc.) – 132

Train the Trainer Program

As training community rehab workers, parents and children is essential to the program, we worked with McGill University, to create a Train the Trainer program to produce better educators and clinicians.

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