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Enabling Inclusion / Early Intervention services including:

Comprehensive Assessments are performed at baseline and repeated every 6 months and include:

  • General Assessment by Community Rehabilitation Workers following the International Classification of Function and Disability Model.
  • Environmental Assessment (looking at home and community factors).
  • Physiotherapy Assessment, GMFM (Gross Motor Function Measure) for children with motor impairment.
  • Speech and Language Assessment and Com-DEALL (Communication Developmental Checklist) for children with communication impairment.
  • Special Education Assessment and FACP (Functional Assessment Checklist for Programming) for children with cognitive impairment.
  • WEE-FIM (Pediatric Functional Independence Measure) for all children.
  • Parent Outcomes including MCSI (Modified Caregiver Strain Index), FES (Family Empowerment Scale), CI (Caregiver-Child Interaction) for all caregivers.
  • COPM (Canadian Occupational Performance Measure) for all children.

Goals and Therapy Planning:

  • Families identify and set goals for therapy using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure.
  • Rehabilitation Specialists work with families to identify child strengths, impairments and goals and create an individualized Early Intervention plan for each child for a 6 month period therapy services.

Delivery of Services:

  • Weekly visits by Community Rehabilitation Workers who provide therapy to children in all domains of delayed development for that child and providing modelling, education and support for parents.
  • Monthly joint therapy visits with Community Rehabilitation Workers and Rehabilitation Specialists (Speech Trainer, Physiotherapist and Special Educator).
  • Consultative care with Occupational Therapists and Psychologists.
  • Referral to Medical or Surgical Specialists through camps organized by Amarseva.
  • Provision of Assistive Devices and Technology (wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, communication aids, braille books, etc.) through government programs or Amarseva funding if not covered by government programs.
  • Meetings conducted every 6 months for parents to learn, share and give feedback on the program.

Community and Parent Supports:

  • Formation of Early Intervention parent groups.
  • Monthly parent small-group meetings and parent large-group meetings every 6 months.
  • Parent social media groups for peer connection and mentorship.

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