Creating an inclusive world in which children and youth with disabilities and their families reach their full potential

Amar Seva Sangam designed and licenses the EI® app to organizations working with children with disabilities.


Technology supported end to end case management system for planning, scheduling and executing rehabilitation of school going children with disabilities.
  • Increases impact by 4 times
  • Improves therapy attendance true 95%
  • Reduces the families strain
  • Substantially improves school enrollment



Children Screened


Children received services


Parents Empowered


Workers Trained


People Sensitised


Assistive devices distributed

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Make a difference in the lives of thousands of Children with Developmental Delays and Disabilities to reach their full potential by scaling the impact of our high fidelity, high quality and cost effective Enabling Inclusion® Solution through NGOs, Government and Corporate participation.
We license our Enabling Inclusion® app and model and share our knowledge through Centre of Excellence and build Partnership with NGOs, Governments, Public Private Partnerships, and through Training & Capacity building.
Through direct implementation and NGO & government partnerships, we work in 5 states across India, with new national and international partnerships on the way.
According to UNICEF’s Child Disability Report (2021), there are nearly 240 million children with disabilities in the world.

What is Centre of Excellence?

Amar Seva Sangam’s Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities provides technology, capacity building, research and support to organizations and service providers globally.

what we do

We support NGOs, Governments and Rehab Service Providers

Our partners Testimonials

Benefits of ei app & model

How Organization have benefitted from the EI® app

  • Enables NGOs to increase their impact by 4 times.
  • Monitoring, tracking and scheduling system improved program attendance from 60 to 95%.
  • Validated protocols provide evidence based therapy plans for each child.
  • Connects community workers to the expertise of rehab specialists.
  • Family-centered goal setting tools in the app allows parents to set their priorities.
  • Proven to reduce caregiver strain and increase their empowerment.
  • Improves their development in all domains.
  • Improves their school enrolment and integration.
  • Allows them to reach their true potential to enable inclusion.

our success stories

Recognition for our EI app

This program is a unit of Amar Seva Sangam and is headquartered in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, India.

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