Assistive device webinar

What is Assistive technology?

Assistive technologies are any product, high or low tech,whose primary purpose is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence to facilitate participation and to enhance overall well-being. (WHO)

Provision of assistive technology (AT) for children, particularly in pre-school is very rare in India. To examine the barriers and facilitators to assistive technology provision and use for children in rural India, we conducted a study, by surveying local service providers. The study found that the main barriers and facilitators to AT provision and use were:

  1. Acceptability
  2. Affordability
  3. Availability
  4. Accessibility
  5. Adaptability

Read the study findings here: Local Provision of AT.pdf

About AT Webinar

The Child Development webinar series will be conducted jointly by expert speakers from India, and Canada and is organized by Amar Seva Sangam, the University of Toronto’s International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR), and Handi-Care Intl.

About Speakers

To know more about webinar series:

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